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Located in Silverado Ranch, Yuppie Puppies delivers high quality grooming for both dogs and cats. 



Yuppie Puppies opened in May 2011 and is located inside the Smiths Shopping Center at Silverado Ranch and Maryland Pkwy.  Since then, Certified Groomer Brook Wilkins, along with Cat Groomer Elana Denk,  have been serving both quality pet grooms and education to pet parents for the overall care and comfort for every pet in their facility. 

Working by appointment only, Brook and Elana are able to get pets finished in an averaged 2 hours or less. Due to high stress levels, pets are not kept all day, and typically a call of  15-30 minutes prior to being ready is made so owners can prepare to pick up their pets. Day Care is offered for owners needing to leave pets a little longer. 




(702) 527-2161

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9890 S. Maryland Pkwy

Suite 21

Las Vegas, NV 89183


T-W 9a-2p (by appointment)

TH-F 8a-2p (by appointment)
Sa 7a-2p (by appointment)
Su-M Closed


Every groom includes a Hypo Tearless Shampoo.

Prices vary depending on breed. 


Bath and Nails

Every groom starts with a bath using some of the highest quality products on the market, with each product to fit individual pets needs.  Nails are cut and dremmeled, ears cleaned, anal glands checked and expressed as needed. 



Bath and Tidy

In addition to the bath, pets get a hand scissor trim around the face, eyes, feet, skirt line, and feathering. Paw pads and sanitary are shaved for a much cleaner finish. 



Full Body Haircut

Choose from Breed Standard, Asian Fusion, or your own Customized length and style. Ask your groomer for suggestions if you are unsure of the look to best fit your life style. 



3 Week Progam

Available for most small breeds, this is the perfect program to maintain longer coats and help owners keep on top of their pets grooming needs. The 3 Week Program is available for scheduling after a visit paid in full, and is prebooked every 3 weeks in advance. Pick the best day and time and we will do the rest for you. 


Bath Week

Includes: Basic Bath, Nails, Ears, Anal Glands Expressed, PlaqClnz Teeth Treatment

Includes Trim: Eyes, Face, Ears, Paw Pads, Feet, Sanitary, Tail, Legs, Skirt


($47 Value)


Haircut Week

Includes: All of the above

Includes: A Full Body Haircut of Choice

10% off Full Price

($50.40/$54.90) ($56/$61 value)








Shed Treatment

Using a deep, hydrating conditioner, dead hair is softened down to the follicle for optimum release. Using various tools and techniques, 80% of dead hair is removed to allow for healthy skin to breath and allow dogs to keep cool. Not available in the Spa Package. 


15% Discount when prebooked every 4 weeks or less.


Whitening or Color Enhancing Shampoo


Medicated Shampoo Allergies or Yeast/Hot Spots


Hot Oil Treatment (Dry/Brittle Hair)


Mud Bath (Dry/Flaky Skin)


Nose and Paw Balm



 Teeth Brushing w/ Plaqclnz treatment

For a cleaner, fresher mouth pets will benefit from a teeth brushing. Using PlaqClnz  upon arrival, the product is allow to set for 30 minutes before a gentle brushing. PlaqClnz helps to soften the plaque to allow for the removal of staining and build up. 





With the only Certified Creative Groomer in the state of Nevada, every color product used on pets is non toxic and safe for use on cats and dogs. From temporary color to simi-permanent there is a little fun for everyone. Temporary tattoos and highlights are always free. Ask for current selections. 

Simi-Permanent Dye (single color): 

Tail $5

Ears $15

Paws/Boots $10

Leopard Print $20




Mat Fees

Pets whose coats are matted may occur an additional mat fee regardless of brush out or shave down. 






Cat Grooming



Cats lick themselves, inviting excess grease, dirt, and protein to adhere to their coat. A professional bath keeps human allergies at bay. Nails are clipped with every groom.  $40+

Shed treatment

Adding a Shed Treatment to any groom allows for the removal of dead coat that naturally sheds out in the house,and is the reason cats regurgitate furballs.      $15 Additional 



Some cats will mat up if left ungroomed. Having cats professionally groomed via a shave will help keep kitty comfortable and feeling like velvet. Go with just a belly shave, or a full body which may include a "Lion Cut" or a variation of. Includes Nails trimmed.  $70+

Nail Caps

Cats have long, sharp nails. By applying rubber tips, cats can scratch all they want without the worry of damage to personal property. Front Nails Only. 

Walk In Service $20 (includes nails trimmed)

With Groom: $10 



This has been by far the best groomers I have ever been to. My fur-son looks freakin’ adorable! Brooke’s customer service is exceptional. She was very thorough and took the time to explain the different brushes/tools I needed for grooming with instructions and even wrote it down for me. She provided a few suggestions on his diet & nutrition as well. This place really knows how to take care of their customers and the well being of the fur-kids! We will definitely be back.
— Kimmy K.
The quality and care they showed me after dealing with larger corporation groomers was unbelievable. They were fast and detailed and when interacting with my fur baby Mr. Bingley I couldn’t be happier! I’ve officially found my groomer
— natalie H
In all the places I have lived, I’ve never found such a wonderful groomer! Until I found them, my little Yorkie despised going to get groomed; he would try to run out the door almost as soon as we walked in. Now he is completely content and happy to go!
The problem I have found with other salons is when I drop him off & they tell me he will be ready in about 4-5 hours. Now we all know that is not how long it takes to groom a dog! I hate knowing that he is probably going to be in a cage for all that time when they are not actually grooming him. But every single time I have taken him here, they start his grooming right away & call me to pick him up within an hour(max). He comes home clean & with a perfect haircut, but most of all, he’s happy! He just loves it here and that makes me feel safe everytime I drop him off. I recommend this place with confidence that you & your furry ones will also love them too.
— Britney R.
We take our pups here and they are by far the best in all of vegas! Trust me on this one!
— irene A.



Education means everything in this unregulated industry, and having Nevada's only Certified Creative Groomer in the salon is a guarantee that only the best product, tools, and techniques will be used on each and every pet. 


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About Us


With the doors opened in May 2011, Yuppie Puppies has grown into your not so average grooming salon. With the only  Certified Creative Groomer in the state of Nevada, also certified in Pet CPR and First Aid, Brook Wilkins has raised the bar for continuing education in the pet grooming industry. On her way to becoming a certifier herself, Brook plans to push the limit of her education to benefit herself, for her clients. 


Cat Groomer, Elana Denk, has 20+ years behind her belt in cat and dog grooming. With her expertise in Feline coat care, she is one of the few cat groomers in the whole of Las Vegas.